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Digitally connected beehives
Insightful beekeeping
Beehive Heart smart sensor
Beetrice AI BeeGPT

Beezum Mobil App and Web service helps you with more insightful beekeeping

Insightful beekeeping
Insightful beekeeping

You are driven by passion and surely feel delight or calm and relaxation from working in the apiary.
Beezum can help you with more insightful beekeeping.

Beezum Heart
Beezum Heart
Smart sensor

With the Beezum Mobile App, you can easily monitor your bee colonies

Beetrice AI

Get more insightful Beekeeping by using our BeeGPT AI service.

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Insightful beekeeping with hive monitoring

your beehives

Insight and advice on the living environment of bees.

Beezum ehive

Your digitally connected beehive.

Smart sensors

Sound, temperature, humidity, weight, air pressure, bee counters, batteries.

Apps and IoT

Always online and information on your mobile.

Focus on the customer

Solutions that make your beekeeping easier.

Easy to use

Get started without hassle.