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About Us

We are beekeepers.

We are passionate about ecology, nature, and the important bees that live in our world. We want to contribute to better management, understanding, and development of bee colonies, pollination, and honey production for all beekeepers. We sell smart information solutions to digitize and streamline your beekeeping. We focus mainly on what we are good at and that is selling through our online store which helps you as a customer in the best way.

We work with the latest technology, products, and innovation through partners and suppliers. We are pioneering the digitization and online connection of your hives to provide you with advanced analytics and trending information. We use environmentally friendly energy-efficient smart components, mobile apps, mobile communications, Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies, and cloud solutions that are customized to work anytime, anywhere. uses sustainable web hosting. We’ve chosen to move into the world’s first climate-positive data center, and we’re helping to reduce the environmental impact of the internet. EcoDataCenter is powered 100% by renewable energy and the excess heat is used for heating or drying biofuels.

Our Story

Insightful beekeeping. Beezum – our story

Meet our team

Beetrice Beezum

Queenie of the realm

Olle Källström

CEO & Founder

Therese Almlöw

Co-founder & Business Partner

Be inspired. Get ahead of trends.

Innovate. Make a difference.

Customer experience and Beezum eHive delivered by us at Beezum
Development company is Proxify
Technology provider is Bee Hive Monitoring
Communication provider is Tele2 IoT
Cooperation with the Apiary map uses sustainable web hosting. is our business development partner
We are a member of the Swedish Beekeeping Association
Welcome to our office at “Stocholm Freeport” in Frihamnen Stockholm.

Beetrice’s favorite Spotify list is mostly played here in the Beezum hive.