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Connected and IoT

Beezum eHive can connect your apiary online

Connected to information

All devices sync and can easily connect locally or centrally online to the cloud archive. We work with and use IoT Internet-of-Things solutions.

Locally connected

With your mobile app, you can connect to any device locally through Bluetooth pairing to monitor information in your hive. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your phone and you have the Beezum App installed. If you are in the vicinity of your hive where Beezum eHive products are located, they are detected and automatically connected. You can access and view all measurement information locally at the time and place you are.

Connected on-line

The Beezum eHive Gateway connects all your hives within the apiary and the cloud archive via the mobile network (2G, 3G, 4G, LTE).

If you are monitoring more than one hive, the Beezum eHive Gateway routes all data from your hives and sends information to the Beezum cloud archive so you can access all information via Mobile App or web application on your PC remotely

Connecting your apiary gives you access to information anytime, anywhere, wherever you are. You only need one Gateway device on your apiary to view the information without having to be on site. Place the Gateway anywhere in the apiary and all devices within an area of about 30 m, will connect automatically. You don’t have to set anything up. Communication distance outdoors is 100m, and in a real apiary environment from 5m to 50m.

Beezum 4G Gateway with solar panel and IoT SIM. Practical, simple, small, cordless, and battery-powered.

For good radio coverage, remember that the device should be placed a little above the ground, preferably on a bench next to a beehive, and not in the grass. Also, do not place it on top of a beehive if the roof is made of metal, as this may cause a poorer radio signal. If you have a solar panel, turn it towards the sun for proper charging.

Internet-of-Things IoT

Beezum eHive Gateway is intelligent and communicates with smart logic for Internet-of-Things using our IoT SIM. You can have up to 100 hives in your apiary and connect them all via Bluetooth with the Beezum eHive Gateway online. If you have multiple apiaries in different locations with multiple hives, you can use multiple Beezum eHive Gateways with our IoT SIMs.

With Beezum IoT SIM and our IoT partner Tele2 Sverige AB as a service provider, we have the best mobile network, quality, and security wherever you have your apiary. In Sweden, Europe, and the rest of the world. In Sweden, we use Tele2’s mobile network, and we have national roaming as an option to choose the best radio coverage from any mobile operator’s network services if needed.

Tele2 IoT with Beezum IoT SIM works virtually anywhere in the world.