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Connection and Gateway

If your measurement data does not update in a day or so, there may be a problem with your connection, mobile coverage, or Beezum Gateway

Beezum Gateway is tested before delivery. It works together with the Beezum IoT SIM. Our IoT SIM based on our global quality service from Tele2 is installed upon delivery and should not be replaced. In principle, we have roaming and radio coverage with most mobile networks worldwide. If you are unsure whether your mobile network works in the country you are in, please contact us.

  • Some geographical locations may have radio shadows where you have your apiary. Use your mobile phone to check that you have network coverage and which mobile operator you are connected to.
  • If you have a Gateway module and suspect that the SIM card is faulty, you can verify it. This is done simply by inserting the SIM card into a mobile phone. If it boots without asking for a pin, and you can surf the internet without an activated connection to WIFI, then the SIM card is ok. Please contact and notify us first as the SIM card is deactivated when inserted into another device.
  • Once you have inserted the battery, the Gateway will search for devices. The transmission cycle is usually set to one hour, and because of this, it can take up to an hour before you see data arrive. You can change the broadcast cycle down to at least 15 minutes in the web application. When the data is sent, you can see it in your mobile application or web service.
  • Place the Gateway module as close as possible to the sensor devices, and if the connection works, you can start increasing the distance.
  • The Mobile App Gateway green app behaves like a gateway via GSM with manual connection. They can be used to verify that their sensor data can be read and sent to a cloud service. If you have a Gateway module, you don’t normally need to use the green app.