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Get started with Beezum Mobile App Monitoring


Install the Mobile Application Monitoring. Beezum eHive Mobile App can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play.

Mobile App (open links on this page from your Mobile phone) and download. Follow the instructions on your mobile phone.



Turn on Bluetooth and Positioning on your mobile phone.

Once you have installed the mobile application, launch it and select “Scan QR code” from the menu.

Take a picture of the QR code with your mobile phone which will be delivered to you when you place your order. The QR code can also be found under “My account -> My hives” at

My Account My Bee Hives
At the bottom of the menu, there is QR Code in the Web application

The QR code can also be found at the end of the menu in the Web (computer) version of the application.

You only need to scan your QR code once when initialising the mobile app. If you uninstall the mobile app from your device, you will need to scan your QR code again after you have reinstalled the app.

More people can use the mobile app

Do you have several family members or friends who are interested in your hives? If you are several people who have an apiary together or are a beekeeping association, you can share your experiences. If there are several of you who want to use the app to see information about the hives, that’s fine. Just make sure everyone downloads the Mobill Monitoring App and scans the QR code. Note that everyone you share the QR code with can see all the info but also update settings and read, write change and delete in the logbook.


Menus are self-explanatory

  • Data collection shows data from your hives.
  • The apiary is your management card for beehives. You enter Apiary and Beehive in each apiary. Here you can add and update Inspections, Harvests, and Tasks.
  • Scan QR code. It was delivered with the equipment and connects the app with your equipment. If you don’t have QR you can also find it on your Beezum “My account ” or in the Web application menu “QR code”.
  • Under settings, you can set, among other things, the weight unit kilograms Kg or pounds Lbs, and the temperature unit Celcius C or Farenheit F, and how often data must be collected with the Gateway 4G module. In winter with little sun, it’s important to change it up to 24 hours once a day or as infrequently as possible, otherwise the battery will eventually run out in the Gateway.

Select the hive by tapping on name & identity, for example “001” to display the list and status.

You can switch between the different data groups by swiping right or left in the app.

  • The yellow curves give you data from inside the hive.
  • The blue curves are from the outside, taken from the scale if you have it.
  • The sound level is normally between 100 and 200 HZ, smaller deviations are quite normal.
  • If the data is developing abnormally for the hive and in particular the sound level over time is high, both in frequency and volume, there is reason to check. The app will then also give an indication by changing the light from green to yellow and red.
  • If the data are normal, there is little reason to disturb the bees in the brood chamber

Change time interval

Toggle the charts between ranges of hours, days, weeks, months to years. You can easily choose to zoom in on historical data and see the last 6 hours, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 1 year using the 6H, 1D, 1W, 1M, 3M, 1Y buttons at the bottom.

Reading values

Depending on the sensors you have installed per hive, you can easily see the temperature inside & outside, humidity inside & outside, frequency and amplitude.