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Get started with Gateway

Connecting your apiary via Gateway module or Mobile Gateway App

Information can be retrieved and collected by either:
– Gateway 4G module
– Mobile App Gateway

Gateway module

Smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity of your apiary gives you access to information anytime, anywhere.


The devices have a communication range of up to about 100 meters in open space under ideal conditions. If there are obstacles between the devices, the communication range can be significantly reduced to a few tens of meters or to a few meters. Therefore, we recommend that you install the devices so that there is free space between the Gateway and other devices in the hives. Be careful grass is also an obstacle. The range can also be significantly reduced if the Gateway device is very close to the ground (less than 50 cm).


Default settings – Gateway module reads data from all sensors and normally sends data to the application once an hour to save battery. You can change the broadcast frequency on your mobile or web application.

Both weight and heart read data every 10 minutes and these will be displayed in your application after updating via Gateway.

One Gateway per apiary

The Beezum eHive Gateway handles the communication for your apiary via the mobile network. You only need one device for your apiary and you can view the information from home without having to go to the apiary. The device is water resistant and contains a rechargeable lithium battery. Place the device somewhere central in the apiary and all devices within a range of about 30m will connect automatically via Bluetooth. You don’t have to set anything up. Simple has no wires and can be charged with solar energy.

Used with Beezum eHive Heart and eHive Scale and Bee Counter.

If you are monitoring more than one hive, the Beezum Gateway routes all the data from your hives through this intermediary node and sends information to the Beezum cloud server so you can access all the information via the Mobile App or web application on your computer.

If you have several apiaries spread out, you need one Gateway per apiary. Ideal to use if you have remote apiaries, as you don’t need to continuously visit the apiary to get your hive information.

For good radio coverage, remember that the device should be placed a bit above the ground, preferably on a bench next to a beehive, and not in the grass. Also, do not place it on top of a beehive if the roof is made of metal, as this may cause a poorer radio signal. If you choose a solar panel, turn it towards the sun to charge it properly. Works with all other eHive Heart and eHive Scale devices.


  • All you need is a Gateway to monitor all your hives in the apiary remotely.
  • Communication via 2G or 4G mobile network
  • Communicates with other devices locally via Bluetooth
  • Only one gateway required for up to 100 devices at one location in your apiary
  • Automatically sends data from devices to the cloud. You can view data online from anywhere.
  • Data can be sent every 15 minutes, 30 minutes or every hour, or at longer intervals up to 24 hours.
  • Communication distance free view outdoors 100m, in real apiary environment from 5m to 50m
  • You need to purchase a Beezum IoT SIM Annual Subscription
  • Uses only 20 MB of data per month for your SIM card
  • Subscription for an IoT SIM card from us is valid for one year
  • Solar energy – the solar panel automatically charges the battery (optional)
  • A micro USB connector for additional charging is inside the housing (cable not included). Opened with 6 screws (1mm hex key).
  • Battery included
  • Waterproof housing
  • Dimensions: 148x90x26mm
  • Weight: 220g
  • Network: 2G, 3G, 4G, LTE

Mobile App Gateway

If you only have Heart and/or Scale for your hive but no GSM Gateway 4G module in the apiary, you need to use the Mobile App Gateway to send data and be able to see the data in your Mobile App Monitoring.

Mobile App Gateway makes a local connection directly at your hive to send to the cloud archive when you are on-site in the apiary. Works as an alternative to the Beezum eHive Gateway to display data in the Mobile Monitoring App.

The Beezum eHive Mobile App Gateway can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play.

Mobile App (open links on this page from your Mobile phone) and download. Follow the instructions on your mobile phone.



If you want to collect information from your hives and you don’t have our Beezum Gateway, you can use this mobile gateway locally when you are on-site in the apiary.

You need to have Positioning and Bluetooth turned on your mobile.

Automatic transmission of saved data from sensors when the mobile phone connects to the network. After a short time, you can view the data in your Mobile Monitoring App or online on your Web.

1. It’s free to download to your mobile phone

2. Activate Bluetooth and Positioning (GPS) on your mobile phone

3. Stand close to your Heart in the hive. Launch the “Bee Hive Monitoring Gateway” HiveGate app (green icon). Select “Data Collection” and Download Data, and it takes a few moments to scan sensors via Bluetooth and upload historically saved data. Wait at least 10 minutes in case you don’t see any information.

4. Start Mobile App Monitoring and you should be able to see the sensor data on your mobile.

Every time you want to see updated data in your Mobile Monitoring App, you need to use the Mobile Gateway App, when you are on-site at your hive.