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Get started with Heart

Beezum eHive Heart can monitor and report on your hive’s environment. It is very helpful for all beekeepers by taking some of the guesswork out of managing your bee colony. It is compatible with all types of hives and very easy to use.

The hive heart is small enough to be placed on the frames inside the hive. Install the battery if it is not already installed. Then download the mobile application. Scan the QR code included in the package and the application will automatically connect to your Heart. You don’t need to configure anything.


If you have several or many hives, it is advisable to number or indicate the name/identity of each hive. Decide which hive will have which Heart. Be sure to keep track of the correct number for each Heart for the correct hive so that you don’t move around and mix your information between different hives. Otherwise, it can be difficult to keep track of historical data and trends. If you have many hives, you can change the number/identity or name that appears in the mobile app via the web application.


Place your Beezum Heart on top of the frames in the beehive.

Place it with the circuit board facing down and the label with the number facing up. Preferably placed on the frames near the brood chamber.

Acid treatment

OBS! NEVER use the Beezum Heart hive when treating bees with acids or other corrosive substances. This will damage the electronics. Remove the heart of the hive before treatment with oxalic or formic acid treatments. Wait at least 7 days before putting it back in the hive.

Reading information

To read and see the data, you need Mobile App Monitoring to view the saved information.

In order for sensor data to be read in Mobile App Monitoring, it needs to be sent to cloud storage via Gateway. Historical data is stored in the cloud and you can see changes and trends over time up to 5 years.

You can also upload data from your Heart to your hive without using the eHive Gateway to send data to the cloud. Then you need to download and launch the Mobile App Gateway and be at your hive to manually update the data every time you want to upload and read data.

You can also use the Mobile App Diagnostic to read and see real-time data locally when you are at your hives.


  • Measures humidity inside the hive
  • Measures temperature inside the hive
  • Frequency analysis of bee colonies
  • Warning for loss of queen
  • Forecast for swarming
  • Warning of high internal humidity in the hive
  • Thickness only 8 mm
  • Data collected every ten minutes
  • Saved on the device’s internal memory for 2 months
  • Cloud archive for 5 years of data
  • Communication with your mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • Communication to cloud storage via eHive Gateway
  • Mobile App for both iPhone and Android
  • Communication distance outdoors is 100m, after insertion in the hive 5m to 50m
  • Battery included (CR2032 3V)
  • Battery life approx. 1 year

Beezum Heart works individually or together with other sensors and Gateway. Get an overview of your hives and see status, temperature, humidity, frequency analysis, signal strength, battery level.