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Smart and sustainable technology

The latest technology

We offer smart information solutions to digitize and streamline your beekeeping. We work with the latest technologies, products, and innovations through partners. Our online beehive connection solutions are designed to provide you with advanced analysis and trending information. We use energy-efficient smart components. Small batteries & solar panels. No hassle with cords. Bluetooth, mobile communications, Internet-of-Things (IoT) technologies, and cloud solutions that are adapted to work across the globe. None of the technology affects or is harmful to bee populations. Units are designed small and flat (8mm), modular, and easily fit to be used for all kinds of hives.

The technology is designed to be affordable for everyone. No complicated settings. No configuration is required.

We help you as a customer in the best possible way with IT technology and through sales via our e-commerce store. You just need to focus on developing your beekeeping. uses sustainable web hosting. We’ve chosen to move into the world’s first climate-positive data center, and we’re helping to reduce the environmental impact of the internet. EcoDataCenter is powered 100% by renewable energy and the excess heat is used for heating or drying biofuels