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Status colors

The overall state of the bee colony in colors.

Status: the general state of the bee colony in color. If something unusual happens, this indicator can warn you. It could be a problem with the bee community, a sudden change in weight, a dead battery, or something else. Details of the status are described in the mobile application in the yellow information bar.

Bees: indicates low or high, unusual or critical values for indoor temperature and humidity.

Queen: Indicates a problem based on the Queen’s audio frequency. The status details are described on the mobile application screen in the yellow information bar. Data from the last 7 days are evaluated.

Swarming: based on sound frequencies, this signals swarming moods, diseases, or other unusual behavior in the hive. Red means a high risk of problems. Yellow means readiness for swarming. Data from the last 14 days are continuously evaluated.

Green – Everything is okay

Yellow – A bit of trouble

Red – Big problem

Blank – Lack of information yet