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Update software in sensors

You can manually update the software (firmware) to the latest version in sensors Heart, Scale, Bee Counter and Gateway if any problems occur… Make sure to change and have a new 3V battery in Heart.

The following guide can be used where Scale is used as an example.

Start the red Diagnostics App, select “Devices in range” and wait a while to get the list of sensors.

Select the unit to be updated, for example Scale 010 (3M+).

Make sure you connect , see “State Connecting”.

The status should show ‘State Connected’.

Press the Firmware version number “Firmware” three times in quick succession so that an up arrow appears.

Press the up arrow to select Start upgrade.

Press the version number (in this case latest version) “” to select it.

Verify that State Upgrading (xx%) is seen.

The “State Resetting” status is visible. Turn off the Red App completely, Start it again from scratch.

Verify that State Ready is visible.

Restart the red Diagnostics App, and select Devices in Range.

You may see Humidity 0.0%, Temperature 0.0 C and “Battery is low” because the readings have not been read and updated inside the sensor after software installation. It updates to the correct values after a while.

Select Scale 010 (3M+) and wait to make sure State Connected is visible.

Now the software is updated and appears as Firmware 3..0.0.2.

The update is now complete.