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New to beekeeping?

Beekeeping – What do I need to get started?

Keeping bees as a hobby is often said to be both time and money-consuming. But this is not entirely true. If you want to embark on this enjoyable and fascinating hobby, it is important that you understand that you are taking care of living beings and although it is not very demanding, it requires a certain amount of energy.

The first preparedness equipment you need is a bee suit, gloves, a smoker, and a hive tool/comb knife. This is enough to get you started. Then you need a hive, frames, wax partitions, and of course bees. You can usually borrow a honey extractor from your local beekeeping association.

Buying a first hive is a mentally demanding task, you need to orient yourself to what is available on the market and understand a large number of professional beekeeping terms.

If you want to become a modern beekeeper, do not avoid monitoring your hives and buy at least one sensor and hive scale for your apiary. You will learn to understand more about your bee colony.

Beezum Hive Heart sensor:

Swarming prediction
Queen loss report
Internal temperature
Internal humidity

Beezum beehive scale:

Weight of the hive
Increases / decreases for individual time periods
Outdoor temperature
Outdoor humidity (optional)