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Beezum eHive enterprise package

As a professional beekeeper, Beezum eHive is very useful. Get a Beezum eHive business package to gain insight into how your hives and apiary are developing. Everything you need to be more efficient and save time while keeping track of all the bee colonies.

Do you move hives to different locations for pollination? Then you can use Beezum eHive to quickly see those bee colonies are active without having to travel to orchards and cultivation sites.

Do you have a remote breeding station? Get the Beezum eHive to easily see how your colonies are doing even when you’re not there.

You can start small with a small number of colonies. Then add more Hearts and sensor products to your apiary as you go along. Contact us, and tell us more about your needs to get a proposal. How many apiaries and hives do you have?


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Statistics and monitoring for your bee colonies.

Enterprise packages are tailored to your needs, but Beezum eHive includes

  • Heart
  • 3M+ Scale
  • 4G Gateway Solar
  • SIM IoT Annual Subscription
  • Web Annual subscription
  • Beezum Mobile App download for free

Read more about the products and their features on the respective product pages.


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