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October is here. Prepare for next season

During October, when the days are warm, you can easily check your hives or take apart the frames. If it has been warm for a long time, there may still be areas with fry. Gradually the bees will move to the winter cluster, but this depends mainly on the night temperature.

If you get Beezum’s little come-and-go packs, you can keep an eye on the temperature and even see later that your bee colonies are alive for the winter.

Is there life in my hives?

By now it’s almost time for cold night temperatures

It’s almost time for the winter treatment with oxalic acid.

We apply oxalic acid in the hive. It kills 95% of the mites, but you should wait until there are no brood in the hive and the temperature drops below 5°C.

Short-term opening of the hive at such a temperature will not harm the bees.

We don’t always repeat the treatment, just one application is enough. Other than that, you don’t need to do anything else during October.

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