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After the summer harvest, use a Connected Scale for early warning of feed needs and reduce the risk of starvation.

Now that the last summer harvest is over and the winterization of bee food for your bees is complete, it is crucial to keep an eye on their well-being. Here’s why a connected scale for measuring the weight of your hive can be a real game-changer for beekeepers.

Having a connected scale to measure the weight of your hive until the next season can be important. Here’s why:

  1. Real-time data: With a connected scale, you get instant access to accurate weight measurements directly on your device. This makes it easy to follow the development of the hive over time.
  2. Early warning of feed needs: By regularly monitoring weight, you can identify early on if your bees need extra feed to survive the winter. This minimizes the risk of starvation.
  3. Efficient management: You can adapt your management based on actual needs. If a hive’s weight decreases drastically, it could be a sign of problems that require urgent action.
  4. Reduces disruption: Weighing the hive is less disruptive to bees than opening it to check food levels manually.
  5. Ability to share data: If you collaborate with other beekeepers or have advisors, you can easily share the weight data to get advice or compare results.

A connected scale makes measuring the weight of your hive easier and more informative. It is a powerful tool to ensure your bees have the best conditions to thrive and survive.