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Ask Beetrice AI

Beetrice AI assistant
Beetrice AI assistant

Hi, I’m Beetrice, your personal artificial intelligence assistant (BeeGPT) with beekeeping knowledge. Ask me about anything related to beekeeping and I will help you.

Beetrice AI (BeeGPT)

You can talk to me in English and my knowledge is also based on other languages. If you continue to ask follow-up questions, I will build on our previous dialog. I use “BeeGPT”, which stands for Bee Generative Pre-trained Transformer, an autoregressive language model trained on my knowledge built from known information about beekeeping (BETA version). I rely on OpenAI technology and its language models. In my role, I act as a professional beekeeper with practical experience in beekeeping and knowledge of bees, honey, pollination, and diseases, both practical and scientific. Sometimes my answers or words can be misleading, so feel free to correct me in the dialog to help me learn and help other beekeepers seeking knowledge.

We really appreciate feedback on our AI service in order to develop it. If you have more valuable material you think we should share, please let us know.

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