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APIScandia 2024 Beekeeping Congress and Beezum: A Gathering of Beekeeping Enthusiasts

In February 2024, beekeeping enthusiasts from across the Nordic region and the world gathered for ApiScandia 2024, the prestigious Scandinavian beekeeping congress. Arranged by Biodlingsföretagarna in cooperation with the Swedish Beekeepers’ Association and Swedish Bees.

Here are some highlights from the event:

  • Research and Development: Scientists and specialists shared the latest science on beekeeping. Discussions revolved around the threat to domestic beekeeping and the problem of fake honey imports.
  • Inspirational Lectures: The program included a range of inspiring speakers who shared their insights on the future of beekeeping.
  • Exhibition: Visitors had the opportunity to explore the exhibition of beekeeping tools and products.
  • Networking: Beekeepers from different countries met, exchanged ideas and made new contacts.

We from Beezum, the innovative platform for beekeepers, were also present. Beezum offers digital tools for beekeepers, from hive management to honey processing. Our stand was a popular meeting place for beekeepers interested in technology.

In summary, ApiScandia 2024 was a meeting place for knowledge exchange, networking and passion for beekeeping. Maybe next time we’ll see you there!

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