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Beezum AB explores technological advances for more insightful beekeeping at Tele2 IoT Talks 2023

The recent Tele2 IoT Talks event was the venue for intense discussions on future opportunities and technology trends. Some of the prominent topics was how the Internet of Things (IoT), data synergies and generative AI can transform different sectors. Participants highlighted how IoT enables real-time monitoring and data collection, while the combination of different data types creates opportunities for innovative solutions. Generative AI was also highlighted as a powerful method to draw insights from large data sets. Beezum AB was there to gain more insights on how these technologies can add value and efficiency to different industries such as the agricultural sector, and especially how they can be applied to promote insightful solutions for beekeeping. The Tele2 IoT Talks clearly marked the path towards a future where these technologies work together to create greater efficiency and understanding within different markets.

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