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Prevent swarm outbreaks with the Beezum sensor: Simple and effective beekeeping monitoring

Beezum Heart


The arrival of spring brings life to the beekeeping season, but for beekeepers, swarm outbreaks can be a worrisome time when some of the bee colony may fly away to form a new colony. Fortunately, today’s technology offers tools to prevent this, such as the Beezum Heart sensor.

Understanding the mystery of the swarm outbreak

Swarm outbreak is a natural process where the bee colony divides. The bees signal their readiness to swarm by a special song, often due to crowding in the hive and a lack of larvae to care for. But with the right tools, beekeepers can avoid this and ensure productivity.

The Beezum Heart sensor: Your key to success

The sensor is placed in the hive and provides continuous monitoring of the presence of the queen bee and the health of the bee colony. With the accompanying mobile application, the beekeeper receives real-time data on temperature, humidity and other important parameters, making it possible to act proactively.

Prevent swarming with precision

By monitoring the hive with the sensor, the beekeeper can detect signs of swarm outbreak early and take measures to prevent it. This makes beekeeping more predictable and controllable, while saving time and valuable bees.

Simple and user-friendly

The Beezum Heart sensor is easy to install and use, making it an advantage whether you are an experienced beekeeper or a beginner. So, take advantage of its benefits.