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Beezum eHive Heart Sensor to monitor bee hive

$69 (excl. vat)

Information gathering and monitoring from inside your hive. Measures temperature, and humidity and listens to and analyses the sounds of bees.

The hive heart is small enough to be placed on the frames inside the hive. Install the battery. Then you download the mobile application, scan the QR code included in the package, and the application automatically connects to your eHeart. You don’t need to configure anything.

Beezum eHeart is an electronic device that automatically collects data, and monitors, and reports information about the environment in your hive.

Data from the heart

  • You can investigate what’s happening inside the hive. The unit will easily fit into the hive and will not be destroyed by bees.
  • You can collect data from the bees without disturbing them and analyze it on the mobile app or web service.
  • You will know if the queen dies, then the bees change the frequency of the sound. Therefore the device records and evaluates the sound in the hive.

Temperature in the hive

  • In a strong bee colony, the average temperature over the breeding area rises to 30°C in March, 20°C in February and only 10°C in January. You can determine the state of the beehive very accurately from the temperature.

Humidity in the hive

  • Humidity is extremely dangerous, as fungi grow in this environment, mold, and bacteria. These organisms cause colony diseases to spread, and honey to ferment and disrupt the environment in which bees live. Condensation under the roof of a poorly constructed or insulated hive is very dangerous, as it can drip directly onto the bees, chilling them and causing disease or death to the entire bee community.
  • 70% to 85% is the relative humidity in the hive during the winter months
  • 50% to 80% is the relative humidity in the hive during the summer months

The sound of crying bees

  • Bees that lose their queen begin to make a typical sound as the bees inform each other of this event. This sound is so typical that even a beekeeper can recognize it.

The sound of swarm tuning

  • In spring, if the bees are crowded in the hive, which is filled with eggs, larvae, honey, and pollen, the bees go into a special regimen-warmth mood. Bees start humming the swarm tune, perhaps out of nervousness caused by the crowding in the hive, and perhaps by the lack of young larvae to care for. This whole theatre goes on for 21 days, and at the end, part of the bee community will swarm and establish a new colony. If you use Heart to see how the graphs change, you can prevent swarming and you don’t have to chase it.

It is a great gift for all beekeepers to gain insight into the health of their bees. It is suitable for all types of hives and very easy to use.

  • Beezum Mobile App Monitoring can be downloaded for free

Simply place the Beezum eHeart inside the hive on top of the frames. Then you download the mobile application, scan the QR code included in the package and the application is automatically linked to Heart. You do not need to make any settings. The battery can be easily replaced after about a year (CR2032 3V).
Dimensions: 70 x 60 x 8mm
Weight: 30g


  • Measures humidity inside the hive
  • Measures temperature inside the hive
  • Frequency analysis of bee colonies
  • Warning for loss of queen
  • Forecast for swarming
  • Warning of high internal humidity in the hive
  • Thickness only 8 mm
  • Data collected every ten minutes
  • Saved on the device’s internal memory for 2 months
  • Cloud archive for 5 years of data
  • Communication with your mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • Communication to cloud storage via eHive Gateway
  • Mobile App for both iPhone and Android
  • Communication distance outdoors is 100m, after insertion in the hive 5m to 50m
  • Battery included (CR2032 3V)
  • Battery life approx. 1 year

Also works with Heart in your hive without using cloud storage via eHive Gateway, but then you need to download and launch the Mobile App Gateway to manually update data every time you want to read data.

When doing acid treatment with formic/oxalic acid, be sure to remove Heart from the hive while the treatment is in progress, to minimize the risk of damaging the electronics/battery in the sensor.


Weight0,030 kg
Dimensions7 × 6 × 0,8 cm


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