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Beezum Web Subscription

$19 (excl. vat)

Get a consolidated view of statistics and trends, and information anytime and anywhere for your entire apiary online in the web browser on your computer with Beezum Web annual subscription.

Annual subscription for Beezum Web.

If you have Beezum eHive Heart, and Gateway as well as BeeCounter or eHive Scale installed in your apiary, you can also subscribe to the web application.

The web application allows you to view all your hive data on a PC, and also export data to Excel for further analysis.

Benefits of the web application:

  • Use the corresponding functions available in Mobile App Monitoring
  • Ability to view data on a large screen
  • Select data from which hive you want to view
  • Manage logbook with inspections, harvests and notes
  • Language selection
  • Change settings and names of hives
  • Exporting data to Excel
  • Scan your QR code from the web application to activate the mobile app
  • The price is for a 1-year subscription. Renewal notification sent automatically before the renewal date


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