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Beezum Mobile App Gateway


The App makes a local connection directly at your hive to send to the cloud archive when you are on-site in the apiary. Works as an alternative to the Beezum eHive Gateway to display data in the Mobile Monitoring App.

The Beezum eHive Mobile App Gateway can be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play.

  • Free Mobile App as local eHive Gateway. Delivered by our partner.
  • You don’t need to order this and add it to your shopping cart.

Mobile App (open links on this page from your Mobile phone) and download. Follow the instructions on your mobile phone.

Apple App store

Google Play


If you want to collect information from your hives and you don’t have our Beezum Gateway, you can use this mobile gateway locally.

You need to have Positioning and Bluetooth turned on your mobile.

Automatic transmission of saved data from sensors when the mobile phone connects to the network. After a short time, you can view the data in your Mobile Monitoring App or online on your Web.

If you only have Heart and/or Scale for your hive but no GSM Gateway in the apiary, you need to use the Mobile App Gateway to send data.

1. It’s free to download here for your mobile phone

2. Activate Bluetooth and Positioning (GPS) on your mobile phone

3. Stand close to your Heart in the hive. Launch the “Bee Hive Monitoring Gateway” HiveGate app (green icon). Select “Data Collection” and Download Data, and it takes a few moments to scan sensors via Bluetooth and upload historically saved data.

4. Start Mobile App Monitoring and you should be able to see the sensor data on your mobile.

Every time you want to see updated data in your Mobile Monitoring App, you need to use the Mobile Gateway App, when you are on-site at your hive.



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