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The beekeeping conference and about connected hives

The beekeeping conference arranged by the Swedish Professional Beekeepers Association and beekeeping companies took place on 24-26 February in Nässjö, Sweden. At Beezum, we showcased our solutions for connected hives in the exhibition.

For you as a beekeeper, we offer smart solutions to gain insight into the health and development of your bee colonies

We help you digitize your beekeeping.

  • Each bee colony is monitored with the latest technology
  • The solutions we use are specifically designed to facilitate beekeepers
  • The beekeeper gets an overview of the health status and productivity of the apiary
  • Interesting, fun, and time efficient.

Read more about Digitally connected hives for more insightful beekeeping

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Beezum exhibition

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You can read more about the Beekeeping Conference and its content here.

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