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The beekeeping season begins

Beekeepers Beezum

In August and into September, there is a lot of work to do. Final harvesting, honey extraction, and wintering of bee colonies with winter feeding. Don’t forget that the beekeeping season starts now and it is advisable to get the Beezum eHive starter kit.

If you miss getting started in August, you will have no data collection for the whole beekeeping year to compare with. If you start monitoring in August at the latest, you will have complete data for the whole year. If the hives collapse, you will find out when it started, if they overwinter well you will be able to compare data with other hives. You will find out how much honey your bee colony consumed during the winter, you will learn what the temperature and humidity were in the hive, what sound they made, and how they react to the autumn and winter weather with strong winds, snow, and even New Year’s fireworks.

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