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Beezum eHive small combo-pack

$279 (excl. vat)

Get yourself a Beezum eHive small-combo pack to gain insight into the health of your hive bees and the development of your colonies. Everything you need to verify the possibilities and potential of eHive. Then add more products to all your hives as you go.


Available on backorder

Statistics and monitoring from inside your hive.

The Beezum eHive bundle includes

  • Heart
  • Gateway 4G Solar
  • IoT SIM (1 year subscription included)
  • Web (1 year subscription included)
  • Mobile App Monitoring download for free

Read more detailed descriptions about Beezum eHeart, Gateway 4G Solar, IoT SIM, Web Annual Subscription, and Mobile App Monitoring on the respective product page.

If you also want to measure weight, we recommend buying a Beezum eHive starter kit instead.

If you have several hives you want to monitor, add a Heart for each hive.



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