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Beezum and Tele2 IoT

Our partner Tele2 IoT creates buzz and writes about us Beezum and “Monitoring Beehives with IoT” as a case study for “Sustainable IoT solutions”. Read their interview and the full story here.

Summer campaign

Get a Beezum eHive package to gain insight into the health of your hive bees and the development of your colony. Includes everything you need to get started. Choose either a ready-to-use small Combo-pack to see temperature, humidity, sound analysis, and air pressure or the Starter kit if… Read More »Summer campaign

Hello here we are!

Welcome to Beezum! We are starting a new business to make beekeeping easier by offering digital solutions for your apiary. With our help, you can easily get your hives connected online, and information on how your bees are doing, is directly available with our App on your mobile.… Read More »Hello here we are!