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Batteries and charging

You can normally see the status of batteries and % charge in the mobile app or web service.

During the dark months of the year, the Gateway discharges slowly if there is no sunshine for the solar panel or it is covered with snow. When the sun shines, it is normally recharged to 100%.

In case the Heart battery is not changed for a long time before the autumn & winter season, the sensor may stop working. It does not read the readings, does not save any information and you have no contact. Its battery must be replaced at the appropriate time when the hive can be opened.

Beezum Heart battery discharged or no contact.

  • Check the battery on your device. Replace the 3V battery (type CR2032) and verify that it is correctly inserted with the text facing up. You need to unscrew the device to change the battery.

Beezum Gateway, Scale, BeeCounter, and Enviro battery.

  • The batteries are built-in and rechargeable batteries of 3700 mAh and normally last a long time.

In case you need to verify the built-in battery, you need to unscrew the six screws of the box with a small screwdriver or a 1mm hex key.

  • Check the battery on your device. Verify that it is fully charged and correctly inserted. You need to unscrew the device to check the battery.
  • Connect a micro-USB charger to charge the battery. When the yellow LED goes out, it is fully charged. It may take a few hours.

If you know that the battery is charged and the device is still not working, try restarting the device – like you do when you have problems with your mobile phone or PC, for example. Disconnect the battery cable from the battery (not the solar panel). It can be a bit difficult to get a grip on the socket in the plug. Do not pull the cable, use a light sharp tool/ flat screwdriver and gently push out the cable connector by bending gently. Then you need to turn on the device and you do this by plugging the battery connector back in and waiting a while.

Use Mobile App Diagnostics

Launch the Mobile App Diagnostic, wait a while and verify that you can see the device.

Load Scale or Beecounter on site

If you have a Scale or Beecounter that needs to be charged but don’t want to move it from the installation in your hive, you may need to charge it on-site. It is advisable to use a portable battery with a USB charger in case you do not have power in your apiary.