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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions with answers about our solutions

What is the most important thing to keep track of?

You can quickly check that everything is green in your hives at regular intervals. Whether you’re in the apiary, at home, or traveling, or what time of year and seson it is.

What should I do if it warns of swarming?

Based on sound frequencies, the status signals a swarming mood for the bees in the hive. Red means a high risk of problems. Yellow means readiness for swarming. Data from the last 14 days are continuously evaluated. If it has recently indicated yellow, wait a few days but be observant of your bee colony. If it indicates red, you should inspect your hive. Are there queen cells? When the bees are in a swarming mood, i.e. when some factor triggers the decision to split, they must first provide for the survival of the parent community. They do this by building queen cells. Often quite a few. The queen lays eggs in these, and the bees feed the larvae with the special queen food.

I don’t see any data in my mobile app?

You need to scan your QR code first to activate the data. If you still have problems, read more under troubleshooting.

Can I use this during the off-season and winter?

Sure, you can see that your bee colonies are alive and see how temperature & humidity change as the bees enter winter clusters. With your scale, you can see how the weight is singing and how much feed the bees are consuming week by week until the spring season starts again.

How do sensors with batteries and solar cells work in autumn and winter?

Yes, the sensors work even in winter. Make sure they are protected from the snow. The batteries work during winter and the sensors too. However, severe colds can cause batteries to malfunction. The recommendation is that you have replaced the Heart battery before the winter season begins. Also, make sure that the Gateway and Scale batteries are fully charged.

Do I need a subscription if I only have Beezum Heart?

No, you don’t need a subscription for Heart if you just want to get only them for your hives, and you use the Mobile App Gateway for local connectivity on-site in your apiary. The Mobile App Gateway makes a local connection directly at your hive from your mobile phone to send data to the cloud archive when you are on-site in the apiary. Works as an alternative to the Beezum eHive Gateway to display data in the Mobile Monitoring App. It is free to download.

A Beezum IoT subscription is needed if you want to use the Beezum Gateway for continuous connection and updating of information from your sensors (Heart, Scale, BeeCounter, Enviro). Smart Internet-of-Things (IoT) connectivity of your big farm gives you access to information anytime, anywhere in your Mobile App.
With a Beezum Web subscription, you can also view all your information at your leisure via your computer screen. Suitable if you have multiple hives and want to analyze data & trends over time.