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Insightful beekeeping

For you as a beekeeper, we offer smart solutions to gain insight into the health and development of your bee colonies

We help you digitize your beekeeping.

Interesting, fun, and time-efficient.

– Each bee colony is monitored with the latest technology

– The solutions we use are specifically designed to facilitate beekeepers

– The beekeeper gets a complete overview of the health status and productivity of the apiary

A good climate inside the hives and around the apiary is important for bees to thrive. How society is developing, how the queen and the bees are doing, and what is happening in the apiary are important to understand in order to take timely action. With Beezum eHive, statistics and information analytics can help you understand this. You can quickly get an overview of the overall condition of a colony, honey production, broodiness, swarming mood, and an indication of swarming. You can also calculate the estimated amount of bees.

See charts over time on your mobile

Without having to open your hive and disturb the bees, you can easily get information directly on your mobile phone.

Data is collected based on humidity, temperature, sound analysis, and weight of the hive. Temperature, humidity, and air pressure outside the hive are also collected.

All information about your hives in the apiary can be sent and stored, and is then available online wherever you are, at home, on the move, or abroad. From your computer, you can easily see what has happened with visual graphs and charts. You have access to all stored information from the apiary over a long period of time from weeks, months, and years.

Even in winter, you can keep an eye on your bee colonies. The yearly cycles of how your communities have developed and changed can be analyzed afterward at your leisure.

Is there life in my hives?
Beetrice loves the buzz of bees in the hive, and her favorite band is The Hives.