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For Beekeepers

Beezum eHive for beekeepers

Beezum eHive consists of different products that can be combined according to your needs. You can start with a starter package for one or a few hives and expand as your needs grow with more components such as Beezum Heart, Scale, BeeCounter, and Gateway. The products are suitable for beginners, hobby beekeepers, beekeeping associations and their members, or those who work with large-scale beekeeping production.

Beginner or experienced beekeeper

Are you a beginner or an experienced hobby beekeeper and curious about technology? If you want to try it out and get an insight into the possibilities, just start with a Beezum come-only package with Heart for a hive and Mobile App

Do you have an apiary and want to get a better understanding of your bee colonies? If you’re interested in seeing your hives thrive, get the Beezum eHive Starter Pack and Gateway with Web Subscription.

Suitable for beginners who wish to understand more about the climate of bees in the apiary

The Beekeepers’ Association

Are you a beekeeping association that shares the management of a common apiary and wants to share knowledge between each other, from experienced and beginners? With the Beezum eHive starter pack and separate eHearts, you can monitor the health of your apiary and share information together and between each other.

Professional beekeeper

Are you a professional beekeeper? Do you work with many communities, have large-scale production, perhaps multiple apiaries in multiple locations, and long distances? Then you can streamline your working time with Beezum eHive for all your hives. You can increase productivity and streamline your deliveries year on year if you look at trend analysis with statistics on how the year has gone and compare it with other years. With the Beezum eHive enterprise package, we tailor a solution to your needs.

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