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The importance of the scale

Beezum Scale

An important tool that all beekeepers can use is a beehive scale

You might be thinking about questions like :

  • How much nectar do your bees collect per day?
  • What is the weight loss of nectar that evaporates during the night?
  • How many bees have swarmed and when?
  • How much honey is in the hive?
  • When is it appropriate to harvest honey?
  • Which hive is the most efficient?
  • How many bees fly out of the hive in the morning?
  • Does it need to be fed before winter?
  • How much honey do bees consume during the winter?
  • Is it necessary to add a honey frame?

Advantages of a beehive scale

The scale allows you to monitor how much honey is currently in your hive. You can also extract other data such as current and past weight. Beekeepers have always handled and harvested their bees without a beehive scale, but why say no to something that will only improve your beekeeping? Here are the reasons why you need a beehive scale.

Scale 3S

Flowering effects:
When you select data from a beehive scale, you will be able to determine how the plants surrounding your bees affect them. The scale of the hive shows the effect of plants around the hive if placed in, for example, cultivated areas. So you can decide which plants and which locations are good for your hive.

Honey measurement:
This is the main goal of every beekeeper. The ability to determine or predict the amount of honey that bees will produce is changing everything in beekeeping. Honey is not only a way to reach production targets, it is also important that the right amount of honey is available in the hive for the bees to live on. The scale will also give you information on how much honey you can harvest during the season. With the help of the scales, you can decide what might need to be changed so that you can get a better return next season.

Winter problem solved:
The most dangerous period for bees is the winter season. Bees die in large numbers in winter and only the strong ones remain. They can’t produce honey in winter, and whatever they produce in summer, they need to survive. They need extra feeding for the winter. It can be hard to understand how strong your community is to cope with winter. That’s why a beehive scale is very useful. It helps to predict whether the hive is strong enough or weak. It can help you make the necessary changes.

Heating problems:
Bees sometimes swarm away. It’s hard to notice when it happens in small numbers at a time. This affects the hive a lot and not in a good way. So a beehive scale lets you know if the bees have swarmed while you were away. In addition, based on the information currently held, the beehive wave will be able to predict how production will be affected due to the swarming.

Understanding the health of the bee community:
It is very important to understand the health of the bees. But it’s a very difficult job. Sometimes even experts have challenges in determining how healthy bees are, which also means that it is difficult for a beginner to understand. This is where a bee hive comes in. It can determine how healthy the bees are and it also tells you whether they will survive the winter or not. You can make the necessary arrangements in advance before something catastrophic happens to your hive.

Conclusion – a scale for your hives can do the following things:

  • Understanding the health of bees.
  • Get guidance and determine what needs to be done to protect the bees.
  • How much honey you will get this season.
  • Look at the weight of your hive and if it decreases, you will know that either many bees are dead or they have swarmed.

A beehive scale is something that makes the job of beekeeping much easier and more fun if used correctly.