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Control of the bee counter

To check the installation of the BeeCounter you can perform the following.

Your bee counter consists of sensor inputs and outputs and a box with a solar charger and battery.

Verify that contact with the sensor exists

Start the Diagnostics App and select Settings “Display bee counters”.

Search for BeeCounters in “Devices in Range” and select the one you want to check.

If you don’t get in contact with the sensor, wait a while and try again a few times by restarting the Diagnostics App. If it does not make contact, verify the battery and check that it is charged (see separate chapter on battery).

Check and update software

Normally you have the latest version installed in your sensor. However, sometimes the software may need to be updated. Verify and select if the software Firmware “Update available” for Bee Counter needs to be updated. If so, press the green up-arrow.

See State Upgrading status (X%). Wait until the update is complete.

Make sure the firmware is updated to the latest version.

Check the sensor counters are working

Use your fingers and gently move between the sensors that count the bees’ entry/exit passage. You can see that the counter sensor is counting with the red bars.

Drag the screen downwards to see all counter sensors.

Connect bee counters to the right hive

You can manually link your bee counter to the correct hive where it is installed.

Press “Assigned Hive bee counter 1″”

Choose the hive you want to use, for example, no “018”.

Mark the selected hive.

Take out your QR code, and press OK to scan the API code and connect the sensor.

You should now have the sensor connected to the selected hive. See “Assigend hive”.

Wait a while and make sure the data is uploaded via your Gateway or Mobile App Gateway. Then verify in your Mobile Monitoring App or Web service that counters are visible.

Placement of sensor

Bee counters are placed at the right height in front of the opening of the hive so your bees can easily enter and exit. The box should have sunlight on it to be charged.

Make sure to seal the other openings so that bees do not crawl in/out on the side of the counter. Otherwise, the counter will not count all the bees.

Make sure you can see in through all the entrances and bees are not blocked from crawling out.

Be sure to protect the counting sensor from moisture and rain and snow. It cannot tolerate water. Before the winter season, remove the sensor,