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Get started with Scale

The scale is a precision instrument with sensors

The type is an electronic precision scale in aluminum. It is universal for most types of hives and easy to use.

The scale is a precision instrument with information gathering and monitoring from the outside of your hive. Measures outside temperature, humidity, and accurate weight changes of your hive. Different models are available depending on the needs of the weight to be measured.


The bench of the hive should be horizontal and the scales placed on it under the bottom of the hive. If the bottom plate of the beehive is soft Styrofoam type, something hard must be placed between the pressure sensor measuring points of the scale and the bottom plate otherwise the measuring points will sink into the Styrofoam and thus give the wrong weight. Place a wooden bar between the bottom and the scale.

The scale belongs together and is logically linked with Heart for a common hive with the same identity. Don’t move around or change locations, and don’t mix the wave with other Hearts and other hives.

Beezum eHive Scale 3M+

If the hive is exposed to the wind it has to be tightened with tensioning straps, it is important to leave some slack in the strap so that the scales do not lock. Make sure that the sensor box is protected and fixed, and sensor cables are not hanging freely under the hive. The box and cables should not be able to move out of the wind to avoid the risk of slippage.

Beezum eHive Scale 3S “Scientific” with sensor box and battery.
Hive placed on Beezum eHice Scale 3S “Scientific”


  • Weighs your hive up to 200 kg or 400 kg depending on the model
  • Good measuring accuracy 100g, 150g or 250g depending on model
  • Temperature stability with 1g or 5g per Celsius degree depending on the model.
  • You can see an estimate of how many bees fly out of the hive in the morning
  • Warning for unusual weight change – theft
  • Monitors outdoor temperature
  • Monitors the humidity outside (if you make holes for the enclosure)
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly nectar flow data
  • Figures and graphs
  • Estimated number of flying bees
  • Data collected every ten minutes
  • Internal memory on the device is stored for 2 months
  • Cloud archive for 5 years of data
  • Communication via smartphone via Bluetooth or external gateway
  • Communication distance outdoors is up to 100m, and after insertion in the hive 5m up to 50m. (If you have Gateway, you can view the data from any distance).
  • Web application for personal computers and data export to MS Excel
  • Rechargeable battery. The battery lasts for 5 years on a charge cycle
  • Battery included