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Investigate with Mobil App Diagnostics

Mobile App Diagnostics helps to diagnose possible problems with sensors and communication gateways. Displays measured values, signal strength, and battery.

Download the Mobile App Diagnostics to your IOS or Android mobile phone

Beezum eHive Mobile App Diagnostics to be downloaded from the Apple App store or Google Play.

You can download the Mobile App Diagnostics for free and troubleshoot.

Mobile App (open links on this page from your Mobile phone) and download. Follow the instructions on your mobile phone.



Launch Beehive monitoring Diagnostics app

The App enables local connection via Bluetooth to sensors directly inside and at your hives. Make sure Bluetooth and Positioning (GPS) are turned on in your mobile phone.

Select Devices in Range

Verify contact with sensors via Bluetooth

Try turning these off and on in case you can’t make contact with the devices, and restart the application. Wait a minute.

If you don’t get in touch with sensors, try on your mobile phone to: a) Turn off Bluetooth, b) Turn on Bluetooth, c) Turn off GPS (Location), d) Turn on GPS (Location), e) close the application, f) restart the application, g) wait at least 30 seconds.

Setting permissions for Bluetooth in Android v12

If you still don’t see sensors, verify the settings in your mobile phone to allow the application to use Bluetooth. If you have Andriod version 12 and newer, open a) Settings, b) Apps and search for HiveDiag.Androaid, select c) Permissions

Verify that Bluetooth may be used by selecting “Nearby devices permissions” and setting it to “Allow”.

Choose the types of sensors you want to see

In the Mobile App Diagnistics select Settings to select & filter with the toggles the type of devices you want to see, external sensors for Scale, Internal sensor for Heart, or all.

Search for sensors

Mobile App Diagnostics scans and scans all sensors via Bluetooth within range, connects, and reads data in real-time. You may have to wait up to 10 minutes for all sensors to be found and respond.

View Heart data in real-time. You can see values such as Bluetooth signal strength (dB), battery (V), humidity inside the hive (%), the temperature inside the hive (C), audio frequency (Hz), and loudness in (dBA).

See Scale data in real-time. You can see values such as Bluetooth signal strength (dB), battery (V), outdoor humidity (%), outdoor temperature (C), air pressure (hPa), and weight (Kg).

Search for Gateway and verify setting

View Gateway data in real-time. You can see values such as Bluetooth signal strength (dB) and voltage (Volt) and air pressure (hPa). In addition, the GSM signal strength (%), the network code, and whether the modem, GSM network, and SIM card are OK are displayed.

The “GSM Settings” setting APN (Access Point Name) should be “” for Beezum IoT SIM card to connect. Other parameters for APN User and APN Pass and PIN are not needed. If the APN is missing or incorrect, press APN and enter the correct “”.