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Beezum eHive gives you insightful beekeeping

Feelings with insightful beekeeping

Insightful beekeeping can be interpreted in many ways. The joy, experience, and craftsmanship are already within you as a beekeeper.

You instinctively know the weather conditions and climate in your apiary. Sun, wind, rain, and temperature affect you as well as your bees.


As a beekeeper, you may be driven by passion and probably feel delighted or peace and relaxation from working in the apiary.

  • We are fascinated by the way bees live and survive
  • Community, we feel the joy of sharing what we do with others
  • With a genuine interest in animals and nature, we take care of our bees, but also of ourselves
  • The recurring rhythm of the seasons between activity and rest makes us long for spring


There is a wonderful satisfaction in the care and work of an apiary and the harmonious feelings it brings.

  • The pleasant scent from the hive on a warm summer evening
  • The perception of life and activity in the apiary
  • Hear the buzz of bees around the hive
  • Feel the warmth and vibrations of your hand softly on the outside of a beehive

We can’t replace these feelings and harmony, but we at Beezum can help you in your passion to get information about your bees and their well-being so you can have even more insightful beekeeping.

Newly harvested summer honey at its best
Beetrice is a harmonious and very passionate lady.