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Normal values inside the hive

What is normal in a beehive can of course be discussed, but it turns out that the facts are broadly in the following areas.

Temperature in the hive

Temperature (C):

  • 34-36 degrees: bees in the brood stage are normally at 35 degrees, an important parameter to monitor
  • 5 degrees: should not be below this in winter, preferably above. The temperature in the brood cluster is of course higher.

Humidity in the hive

Humidity (%):

  • 65 -85%: Winter
  • 40-65 % summer

Sound level in the hive

Sound level:

Frequency (Hz):

  • 100-200 Hz: Normal
  • Above 200 Hz: stress situation / swarming

Intensity ( A(dB) sound pressure / volume):

  • < 5 dB: Normal
  • > 5 dB Stress situation / swarming

The curves below show indications for swarming how relative strength/intensity A(dB) versus frequency (Hz) increases over time for respectively 3 weeks, 5 days, and one day before swarming.

The development of the frequency intervals and the slope of the curve. The frequency analysis should normally have a descending slope from the lower frequency bands to the higher frequencies.

If the frequency band does not have a normal downward slope after a period of time, then there is a reason to check the beehive.