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No updating of sensor data or network contact

If your sensors are not updated regularly in the Mobile App Monitoring or web service, there may be either a problem with the Gateway device or the network connection via the mobile network.

Contact with Gateway device

To troubleshoot:

Use Mobile App Diagnostics to see if you can connect to the Gateway via Bluetooth.

On your mobile phone: turn off Bluetooth, turn on Bluetooth, turn off positioning (GPS), turn on positioning (GPS), turn off the red Mobile App Diagnostics app, restart the red Mobile App Diagnostics app, swipe down the screen and wait at least 30 seconds. Check the status if you get in touch with the device.

If you have no contact with the Gateway module, it may be that the battery is discharged. Open the box. Recharge the Gateway battery with a USB charger for at least 24 hours.

If you still don’t have a contact, open the box and try disconnecting the battery connector located under the circuit board (not the one to the solar panel) to restart the unit. Using a small screwdriver, carefully loosen the small white connector with the red/black cord that goes to the battery, by gently wiggling it back and forth to pull the connector loose. Leave it off for 1 minute, then plug it back in and see if you can make contact with the device and get connected again.

Verify Beezum IoT SIM

The gateway device works together with our IoT SIM. Inspect that the Beezum IoT SIM card is inserted in the box and facing the right way with the connectors facing down. If the SIM card is removed and reinserted or moved to another mobile phone or device, the SIM card may be deactivated. Please contact our support.

Verify network configuration APN

Make sure that the “GSM Settings” APN setting is configured to “”.

Send network data diagnostics and analysis with the Gateway App

If you find that there is no contact with the mobile network with your Gateway and there is a problem with the connection to send data, there is a function to investigate this. Log files with network data can be created and sent for diagnostics with analysis.

Activate Bluetooth and Positioning (GPS) on your mobile phone. Verify that you have mobile data coverage on your mobile phone.

Stand close to your Heart in the hive. Launch the “Bee Hive Monitoring Gateway” HiveGate app (green icon). Select “Data Collection” and Download Data, and it takes a few moments to scan sensors via Bluetooth and upload historically saved data. Wait at least 10 minutes in case you don’t see any information.

  1. Press RUN

2. Allow running for about 10 minutes to read the logging of sensors. See that traffic data is visible on the screen when connected to the mobile network.

3. Press SEND

4. Select email and send to

5. Contact Support and inform them that the log file has been sent.

We can then investigate to see if there are problems with the mobile network or radio coverage. Our communications partner Tele2 IoT has deployed analytics tools to ensure that roaming and radio networks are working with virtually all mobile operators around the world.