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Insightful information

Beezum Mobile App and web application gives you more insight over time

Your information and analysis is easily stored in the Beezum cloud archive

Data collected for the cloud archive gives you insight and valuable information about your apiary

Examples of information made available to the beekeeper:
– The weight of a beehive (hourly, daily, weekly and monthly increase or decrease).
– Temperature and humidity inside and outside a hive give you information about the health of the colony.
– Number of bees in the colony and presence of queen bees. Queen alarms are important for you as a beekeeper.
– Theft and damage alarms are caused by animals or wind.
– Prediction of swarming is calculated based on bee sounds at 3, 2, and 1 week before swarming.
– Compare the health and productivity of the colony.

– You can see weight over time and get a steady flow of honey and maximum effect.

With the Mobile App, you can keep track of your apiary and each colony. You can keep a logbook of inspections and collect notes, harvests, and tasks done.

Logbook in mobile

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