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Getting started with bee counters

Count your bees

With the Beezum eHive Beecounter, you get an overview of how many bees you have in your community and how it is growing or shrinking by counting your bees daily.

Beeper with sensor box and solar battery

Mechanical fasteners are not included. The bee counter sensor is turned with openings downwards to protect against rain. For example, it can easily be placed outside the entrance on a board attached under the hive, and adjusted in height depending on how thick the bottom is, with smaller pieces of wood in between to fit the opening to the hive. Make sure that the openings are at the right height so that the bees can get in and out easily. Use smaller pieces of wood to adjust and close the opening at the side of the sensor. Otherwise, bees that go out/in next to the sensor are not counted. Place the sensor box next to it and make sure the solar panel is in the sun and can be charged.

Note: the sensor is not waterproof so please cover with a small plastic cover/board/roof above the entrance where the sensor is mounted, for protection against rain and snow.


  • Counting every bee that goes out
  • Counting every bee that enters
  • You see the activity cycle during the day and know when the bees start working in the morning and stop in the evening.
  • If it is a hot humid summer day, you will see if the number of bees flying in and out decreases at lunchtime. They then have to sit inside in the middle of the day and fan the hive instead of being out working.
  • You know that the number of bees that are dead during the day
  • You get an indication of how strong your community is, and how much it increases and decreases during the season.
  • New data is updated every ten minutes
  • Internal memory for 2 months
  • Cloud archive for 5 years of data
  • Communication with mobile phone via Bluetooth
  • Remote communication via Gateway
  • Mobile App for both iPhone and Android
  • Communication distance free view outdoors 100m, in real apiary environment from 5m to 50m
  • Battery included
  • Charged by the solar panel.
  • No extra charges
  • Waterproof housing for the battery box. The bee counter sensor is not waterproof.
  • 12 in/out gates
  • Sensor dimension: 20 x 4,5 x 2 cm. Box dimensions: 14.8 x 9 x 2.6 cm